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At Swanson® we cover all the angles®…

At Swanson® we cover all the angles®.  Which is why we have a created a Swanson® Tips page on our website.  Carpenters and craftsman solve problems that wast time and money everyday.  Most pros have a menthod or work around to conquer all the odd situations that they run in to.  But every once in a while its good to take a refresher course, or investigate a new way of doing things with a specialty tool or exotic technique.  Therefore, Swanson(R) has compiled a list of project and tool tips for review.  stop by and take a look at the list of project and tool tips…  or better yet, submit one of your own.  The first 25 submissions will recieve a FREE WOOD Magnet(R).  Check it out at http://www.swansontoolco.com/swanson_tips.cfm


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What you need to know to choose the right LEVEL…

What you need to know to choose the right LEVEL from SWANSON®.  SIZE: choose the longest possible length for the space that you are working on or the material you need to level.  DURABILITY:  for the best longest lasting level select the level that meets your needs–Professional, Heavy Duty, Home owner.  Features,etc… click the following link to view more information on how to choose a Level from SWANSON®. Start Square and Finish Level® with products from Swanson®.  http://bit.ly/agIlL9

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How To Tackle Your Next Remodeling Project

Tackle the next remodeling / Construction project with a Framing Wizard®.  This compact folding square is constructed of bright blue, hard coated anodized high grade aluminum.  The hinge mechanism features an easily adjustable set screws that allows the user to maintain a perfect 90 degree, if the tool ever loses square.  The Framing Wizard(R) also easily fits in any standard size toolbox.  check it out at http://www.swansontoolco.com/t001wz.cfm

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