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Especially Helpful For Plumbers

Installing proper plumbing drains call for a minimum 2% grade of slope. The Swanson® multiple ring vials offer an easy way to approximately determine the correct needed slope.

When the outside edge of the bubble touches the second ring of the vial it is measuring an approximate 1/8″ slope over 1 foot of run, which is a 2% grade.

When the bubble touches the third ring it is measuring an approximate 1/4″ of slope over 1 foot of run, which is a 4% grade.

Please check with your municipality to make sure your design complies with all building codes.

Swanson® Building Customer Trust for more than 80 years®.  Multi-Ring Vials   To see other project and tool tips Go to http://www.swansontoolco.com/swanson_tips.cfm 


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Industrial Grade Layout and Leveling Tools

We’ve taken our name to a whole new level®.  Introducing the Swanson Lightning™ Level.  The Lightning™  Level  The Lightening Level joins a trusted, award-winning line of Swanson industrial grade layout and leveling tools – tools used every day by thousands of top builders, remodelers and contractors who put their reputations on the line with every job. Since 1925, Swanson tools have helped them get jobs done fast, precisely accurate and with ease. It started with the world-famous Swanson Speed® Square, the one layout tool owned by every person who builds anything. The Lightening Level continues that tradition. Exclusive Auto Shutoff, Best Accuracy and Built Tough.

The most visible features on the Lightening Level are its three lighted vials, making them easy to read in the lowest light, even in complete darkness. What is more important is the level’s worldclass accuracy of .0005 inch per foot and its solid construction. Strong, durable acrylic block vials are lit by LEDs that will last a lifetime. Vials include three-ring center lines for easy pitch calculations, like for drainage.
In typical Swanson fashion, even the power supply is improved. It requires just two triple-A batteries (included) that slide safely inside a chamber secured with a screw. Other lighted levels have clumsy packs and require more batteries. One button illuminates all vials or turns them off with a single push.

Auto Shutoff Feature – But what if you leave your lighted level on accidentally? Or it gets turned on by banging into something? If it’s a Lightening Level, no problem – the level’s patent-pending Auto Shutoff feature turns it off after 10 minutes of non-use. So you get the longest possible battery life.
The rugged Lightening Level can take a beating too. Built with Swanson’s quality-centric box beam precision, its Super Shock™ end caps, made with an advanced rubber-polymer blend, absorb five times more shock than other levels.

For a more detailed item description check it out at http://www.swansontoolco.com/bll240.cfm

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What you need to know to choose the right LEVEL…

What you need to know to choose the right LEVEL from SWANSON®.  SIZE: choose the longest possible length for the space that you are working on or the material you need to level.  DURABILITY:  for the best longest lasting level select the level that meets your needs–Professional, Heavy Duty, Home owner.  Features,etc… click the following link to view more information on how to choose a Level from SWANSON®. Start Square and Finish Level® with products from Swanson®.  http://bit.ly/agIlL9

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The essential tool for any construction or remodeling project

The Swanson® SPEED® Square is an essential tool for any construction or remodeling project.  Check out the video on how it got started at http://www.swansontoolco.com/swanson_news_media.cfm  And remember, Swanson® is Quality that you ask for by name™.

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